VZplayList Tips&Tricks

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Before uploading playlists to the Player

If you have created a substantial playlist on the player, don't forget to make a backup copy.
From the menubar choose Mediaplayer, Open playlist. Then choose File, Save and choose a filename and folder. Store it somewhere on your local harddrive or other media. Now you can load the file you just saved and restore it to the Mediaplayer if needed.

Use VZplayer to feed the Mediaplayer some songs to play.

The trick I myself like the most is that you can feed the Player playlists while it's playing. It will keep playing until you press <Music> on the remote. Then the new playlist kicks in.
What I do most is decide what I want to hear today, drag it into VZplaylist's playlist, section 1, upload it and press <Music> on the remote. Music playing now. I don't save the list. When it's finished playing I clear the list, drag a new set of songs to the playlist and play it by pressing <Music> on the remote. All the time I don't have to switch on the tv.

Skipping songs

The skip to the next or previous buttons don't work when playing a playlist. The fastest way to do this is pressing left or right arrow and <Enter> on the remote.

Using a separate folder for your music

You can use a subdirectory for browsing your music files. E.g. if you store your music on Part1 (HDD1) in the folder "Music", you can use the "Directories" tab in the settings window. Use the button with the magnifier to browse to this folder. Make sure that the "Mediaplayer internal directory for music files" in the settings window on the tab "Connection and internal folders" refers to the same folder. If the folder on your Windows pc is \\Nas\part1\Music\ then the internal folder should be /tmp/hddmedia/HDD1/Music/
Remember that the internal folder is case sensitive. In most cases the default value should do it. You can add your subdirectory to it

Rightclick options

Use rightclick in the explorer and playlist table to access some options:

  • Open: open the file in the associated application (in most cases to play a song, folders will be opened in the Windows explorer)
  • Delete (explorer table): move the selected files to the recycle bin
  • Move to (playlist table): move selected files to another section

Sorting and searching lists

  • Click on a table's column header to sort the files. Click on the magnifier glass to search.

Export, copy and print lists

  • Click on the double down arrows in the top right corner of a table to get some options to copy, export or print all or part of the list

Moving songs from one section to another

If you load a large playlist (exceeding 99 songs), the entire list is loaded into the current section. You can move files to another section by selecting them, right click and choose move to.

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