With VZplayList you have a full-featured playlist manager. It has been written specially for RTD 1261 compatible devices. You can create and save an unlimited number of playlists. Create the playlists by using drag and drop single or multiple selections. You can also drag and drop m3u files. Of course only files stored on the MediaPlayer can be added to playlists.
Playlists on the Mediacenter are limited to 5 x 99 songs and they are cumbersome to fill. With VZplaylist you can easily overcome this limitation. You can load a playlist from disk, shuffle it if desired and let VZplayList upload it to the Player. Just press <Music> on the remote and playback will start. This will take only a few seconds and you have unlimited playlists at your disposal. No need to even switch on the tv set!


  • Playlists can be created by using drag and drop from within VZplayList or from Windows Explorer. Multiple files and or directories can be selected at once.
  • Playlists can be saved as .txt or as .m3u. One playlist contains all 5 “sections” of a RTD 1261 playlist.
  • Playlists are not limited to 99 songs per section. Only the first 99 (x 5) are uploaded to the Player.
  • Uploading can be done with or without a Samba share, so no tweaking required.
  • Easy setup Wizzard, no need to be a wizzard yourself.

VZplayList Tips&Tricks


For easy uploading (no tweaking required) of playlists a network connection is required. If you use a Samba share you can use network or usb.

At the moment English and Dutch are supported.

VZplayList is Freeware, not Open Source.
Please report any bugs, suggestions or comments in the discussion forum or to the email address listed in the program. VZplayList contains no adware or spyware.

Download VZplayList (11,29 Mb)

Version info:
version 1.03 (current download)

  • Changed the name from PlayLister to VZplayList. Apparantly some programs already existed with that name.
  • Fixed bug when searching the explorer table.
  • Added right click options to move files from one section to another.

Copy your previous settings to the new folder
Install the new version. Do not uninstall the previous version yet. Copy the file playlister.ini in the folder c:\program files\playlister to the folder c:\program files\vzplaylist\. Rename the copied file to vzplaylist.ini. Uninstall PlayLister using the control panel, software.

version 1.02

  • Fixed some explorer tree filling issues and added icons to the bottom left browser window. Unsupported filetypes have a red cross icon.
  • Added <select all> and <select none> button for playlist.

version 1.01

  • Improved error trapping if Player is not switched on
  • Added checkbox to choose loading songs from root folder into explorer on startup.
  • Fixed bug: the change of order by drag&drop of a playlist was not processed internally.
  • Wizzard loads all default settings on first time startup
  • Fixed graying issue when changing Samba Radio button in settings

version 1.00x

  • First version
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