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This wiki is designed to serve as a community focus and the resource of reference for users and developers of the Movie Cube -R.
Looking in the GUI of the EMTEC Movie Cube -R one can notice that everything is apparently in place to select television channels recording window. However the drivers to support the USB TV receiver is not yet in place. The aim of this topic is encouraging developers to turn this site into a repository of knowledge about all information related to compile drivers for certain USB TV tuners so that they are recognized by the Movie Cube-R and probably can be used in the GUI record window to select a TV channel without the use of a set-top box or other equipment which can not be controlled by the Movie Cube.

For the following USB interface chipset families produced by EMPIA drivers are available:

  • em2800/em2820/em2821/em2840

used on older analog only device designs. These chips have support for USB Audio Class;

  • Pinnacle_PCTV_USB2
  • Em2820/pinnacle
  • Em2820/vgear
  • em2880/2881/2883

supports DVB/ATSC. Doesn't provide USB Audio Class. Instead, digital audio is provided via an USB Vendor Class; so, these chips require the em28xx-alsa module for digital audio to work.
em2880 based devices

  • Em2880/PinnaclePCTV

The source files for the different chip sets can be found at the following location

What are the next steps:

  1. Install the Debian linux version on the Movie Cube of which the guide lines is available on this wiki site.
  2. Install the C compiler with libraries compatible with the Linux version running on the Movie Cube -R.
  3. Download the driver source and compile the drivers in this environment.
  4. Install the drivers on the Movie Cube linux version.
  5. Test the USB TV device with the Movie Cube -R software.
  6. until now I did not succeed in this set-up.

If there is somebody out there who know how to proceed it would be very appriciated to inform us via this way how to compile and install those drivers on the target (Movie Cube -R)
Thanks in advance

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