Official Firmwares

All posted firmwares are compatible with eachother, only differences maybe supported languages and different bootscreens.

Official Emtec firmware

version 0.9.11
version 0.9.14
version 0.9.15
version 2.0.4up
version 2.0.7up bis
version 2.0.9up
Emtec all Versions (FTP)

Official Me1000s MM firmware

version 2.0.8up (only English and German)
version 2.0.9up (only English and German)

Official Chili-Green firmware

Firm from 20. feb. 2008 - different partition sizes

Official hBox HMC-39 firmware

version 2.0.8PL (Polish, Dutch, Russian, English)
version 2.1.0PL (Polish, Dutch, Russian, English)

Official Emprex ME-1 firmware

This link was sent to me, thank you John B. It seems the Emprex is using another firmware compared to all the above types. This firmware is only for Emprex ME1. The installation steps are the same as the installation using usb stick described in the FAQ.

Official Ellion HMR-700A firmware

Ellion seems to use another firmware compared to all the above types, because it doesn't start from hdd. This firmware is only for Ellion HMR-700A.

User Manuals

EMC-R (eng)
Product Sheet
verständliche Version der Bedienungsanleitung

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