Get Root Access

First download PuTTY. Then find out on what ip your moviecube is connected to the network. For example “”. Open PuTTY and fill in the ip address the EMC-R is using. Choose “Telnet” and click “Open”.

When you click “OK” a command screen will open prompting for a password. Type in: “root” without the quotation marks. You are now logged in as root user. Normal linux commands work. Try for example:

  • ls –all to show the contents of the actual directory
  • cd dir_name to change to the specified directory
  • cd .. to go back one directory
  • mkdir dir_name create a directory with specified name

The commands can be pasted in putty using the right mouseclick (to paste the clipboard content).

If you don't have write access to the file system then, then this might work:

  • Run Linux on a PC (You can use a Live disc, eg. Insert OS)
  • Connect the media player to the PC via USB
  • Some Linux versions will automatically mount the partitions, if not then run mount mount_dir for each partition that you want to mount
  • You should now have full access to each partitions on the player that has been mounted
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