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I know it's been years since anyone used this discussion but I am desperate.
I have a box and I was able to telnet to and in the tweaking section I was able to do the following

2 Add password protection for root user
You can add password authentication for user root using this magic commands:
mv /etc/passwd /etc/passwd.old
cat /etc/passwd.old | grep -v root::0 > /etc/passwd
echo root:PqnSB08FmjvCY`cat /etc/passwd.old | grep root::0 | cut -f 2- -d:` » /etc/passwd

Unfortunately I didn't pay attention and I forgot to replace the "PqnSB08FmjvCY" part with my Crypted password.
so no I am locked out of root(my device doesn't allow me access to the linux partition through USB)
I have default user access.
I need the actual password for PqnSB08FmjvCY (assuming it is an actual crypted password)
thank you

Password for root by Fawaz SyrFawaz Syr, 20 Oct 2016 20:15

I'm sorry for my poor English skills so use google translator if there is incomplete expression but please forgive me
I can add support for MP-1370 era
MP-1370s using a Realtek RTD1262PA

Hi jmc63!

Have you checked chilligreen source? I must not create link so try to follow

download chiligreen com Externe_HDD MediaDisks Media_Recorder_1 Source-Code RTD1262.rar

Hi Rz1966, thanks for the link :) however I don't remember what was the difference between firmwares 2.0.9UO (261) current one and 2.1.0(231) and UDF_500_update.

Hi I am using fix IP address for the device because this way I can use Putty to login with telnet.
If you don't know where it is in te menu: SETUP/network/WiredLanSetup
DHCP auto means that device will ask ip address from the router FIX IP means that IP address will be the same always
to see samba shares on PC you have to have sys directory and 2 files in it: sd.sys and nd.sys on part1 directory of Network HDD.

People,could yo provide some help with network configuration of the player,can it be visible over the home network and see the computers on it via router?

I have a media player based on RTD1071 with hdd, lan, usb, video out, hdmi and usb host.
Last week I turned it on but it dont do nothing. No lan, no video out. Only usb mass storage works.
I put the firmware in a usb stick, and turn on holding the power button but no result.
Maybe the bios is corrupted.

Anyone can help me to recover my player?

Need help dead box by diogoddidiogoddi, 02 Apr 2013 18:36

Have you had any success compiling rsync for it?

Hello everybody,
I'm using this multimedia HDD for 4 years now, but one question has been unsolved… is it possible to connect my USB printer on the HDD and then access it on the network use it as a local network printer? It would help me a lot as we moved in a new place and I cannot put all my IT stuff on my desk…
Thanks a lot for your help

Usb Printer ? by tibeautibeau, 22 Sep 2012 19:07

Hi,This site is dead, i guess you better go to

I am the webmaster of this site, but the community is gone :')

I'm wondering if this forum is still alive. I recently got an EMTEC P800 Movie Cube and I would like to try to tweak it. My idea is to use it to display local video stream from various sources (Webcam, UPNP media server) on my TV screen.
I have found some toolchains and GPL sources, but nothing about the audio/video parts of the RTD1261.
Some interesting work had been done by Joman100 (HelloWorld) but the sources links are broken …
Any help would be welcome

Figured out now that my Box does not run a Samba server and the Media Player just displays the following entries /tmp/hdd/volumes/ in Browse mode.

It is much simpler now by mounting it to volume -
mkdir /tmp/hdd/volumes/NETDISK
#mkdir -p /tmp/mnt/Test
ifconfig eth0 netmask
route add default gw
mount -t nfs -o nolock /tmp/hdd/volumes/NETDISK

Re: Modding Boot Files by rksudrksud, 12 Mar 2012 14:22

Have been trying to modify the the smb(dot)conf file in different directories and every time you reboot it goes back to the old file. Seems like the boot process is creating the smb(dot)conf file in two place /usr/local/etc and firmware

Re: Modding Boot Files by rksudrksud, 12 Mar 2012 10:19

This does a simple job and you can check the mount is successful by
#cd tmp
#ls mnt
will show that all your network files are available.
Now is the task of making it accessible from the remote which means should be modifying the conf file of smb
but this is not working for me.
this has been tough to post- apologies for the roundabout way and not spelling links.
Ideas are welcome

Re: Modding Boot Files by rksudrksud, 12 Mar 2012 06:54

Low karma user trying to past rest of post by changing links
some familiarity with the native linux editor is assumed

  1. vi rcS

press i to get into insert mode and insert following at the top of the file
cd tmp
mkdir -p mnt
ifconfig eth0 ipaddress1 netmask MASK
route add default gw ipaddressgw #which is the local router
mount -t nfs -o nolock ipaddress2:mount mountname #which is my FREENAS Server mount

Re: Modding Boot Files by rksudrksud, 12 Mar 2012 06:52

Have been playing with my 1261 media player to get it to do some basic things and wanted to share some ideas
- Have been able to successfully connect the media player to my FREENAS storage by modifying the /usr/local/etc/rcS file

Modding Boot Files by rksudrksud, 12 Mar 2012 06:47

Hello my friend, i found the brand is KINTEC. But pay attention there are two kinds of mediaplayer. Only the one with HDMI is based on RTD1262 (see :// Sorry for the incomplete Link, depend on the pages rules.

Best regards

Thanks again CiccioPets!

Ok! I'll look into that link you sent and see if I can go from there!

In the meantime, cTorrent and Enhanced cTorrent are fully avalaible projects on Sourceforge, here:
cTorrent Project
Enhanced cTorrent Project

Do take a look!



really good job!

If you have found the new version of the torrent client should be possible to
compile for the MIPS platform

in this blog there are some useful info how to build a toolchain to do that:

I'm not sure to recover a copy that I already made, but I think should
be simple to reconstruct it.


Thanks for your help anyway CiccioPets!

Just in case anyone's still reading this, I've managed to solve the issues mentioned on my last post!
I can now specify the partition where the torrent client downloads the files!
And I've also managed get my torrents to seed properly!

Well, most of them, because I've just found another little problem!
Apparently the program won't allow the download of torrent files larger than 2GB!

Let me explain better:
I can download torrents of any size so long as each file in it is lower than 2GB (e.g.: I can download a torrent of 3GB containing 67 rar's of 50MB each; however, I cannot download a torrent containing a single 4GB MKV video file).

I do notice, however, that what I believe is the new version of cTorrent has fixed this problem (here).

So, in summary, I'm still searching for a solution for these problems:
- problem B of my 1st post (I've been converting the files to XviD as I need them, which is hardly a happy solution)
- a way to overcome the 2GB size limit of YODCTCS (the torrent client bundled with "HDMedia Services"); if anyone knows of a workaround on this version of cTorrent I'm using or how to install a new version of cTorrent please do say something!

Thanks again for any input!


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