Forum Rules

Please notice:
Although this is a forum I have named it discussion on the navigation bar for a reason, this is not a help forum. For that you will have to visit our Friends, fora mentionded in the topbar under "friends". We have fora for many languages in the www and many of us are active on those fora, we will help you there :)

Feel welcome to our wiki and make it yours, use it to get knowledge about your mediaplayer and add your knowledge to the wiki. You are welcome to translate pages to your own language, I will add them to the topbar. This wiki is all about effort, if you want you can put effort in this site, built the knowledgebase, translate it and tell other users about this wiki.

Main Rule
If you found information on a forum about this player, a tweak or an application, please tell us, give us a link, so we (or you) will add it to the wiki.

Try it in english, but do not appologise for your english, we appreciate your effort (My english is very bad also, being dutch and things ;) )

We all are interested in the information, therefore:
About languages, no rules!

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