The EMC-R backplate with connections explained:


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The reason for this topic is the large variation in cables and plugs today. Some are not even for sale anymore…With this tutorial we hope you are able to connect your MediaPlayer to almost every device.

Mass is grey

SCART —> 3 RCA :
From satelite receiver to EMC-R

From EMC-R to televisionset

6 RCA <—> SCART :
You can combine the two last pin-outs to create a single cable, 1 scart, 3 RCA in, 3 RCA out:

Scart —> 1 RCA (video) + 1 Jack 3.5 (audio) :

Atypical wiring but it can be useful

mini-Din 6 Pins —> 1 RCA (vidéo):

S-Vidéo —> 1 RCA (vidéo):

SCART —> S-Vidéo:

S-Vidéo —> SCART:

S-Vidéo —> S-Vidéo:

Mini-jack 4 segments:

Segment Sony Panasonic Aiwa
1 Audio (L) Audio (R) Video IO
2 Video Ground Audio (L) IO
3 Ground Video Audio (R) IO
4 Audio (R) Audio (L) Ground
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