I will make a last try on mele and realtek for an open sourcecode of the firmware. So lets collect bugs for versions with firmware on the harddisk here.
[+] new function
[-] solved error
[0] bug

bugs in version 2.1.0:

  • 0 no delete rights on fat32 system (when used with wlan)
  • 0 no ntfs writing support (but with http://www.ntfs-3g.com/ full ntfs support would be possible)
  • 0 instable wifi connection
  • 0 slow reaction of remote control (also a firmware problem, but faster than in versions before 2.0.9)
  • 0 to press a key permanently on the remote control has no effect (e.g. the volume key)
  • 0 strange position of keys on the remote control
  • 0 system do not use own set of remote control orders (e.g. a lot of inferences with other remote controls)
  • 0 normal AV output can not be changed to 5.1 CH
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