The RTD1261 wiki


Description of firmware-structure
Pictures of new HMC-3916 mainboard
Seems that is possible update busybox to latest versions
High-res pictures of Mele-Clone Raidsonic Icy Box IB-MP3010HW see also the compatible device section
New firmware 2.10 available, read about it in this topic



This page is dedicated to mediaplayers based on the Realtek RTD1261 chipset like the Emtec MovieCube R and Q series. Before trying our tweaks make sure you have a compatible device. Check the list of compatible devices, it does not contain all compatible models. If you have a compatible device not included in the list please contact us, so it can be included.

This site is an Unofficial supportsite not linked to any OEM of the RTD1261. This means you cannot get support from your OEM for software found on this site. All software is free to use, but only on your own risk, we and the OEM's are not responsible for loss of data or defective players.

The site is dedicated to enthusiastic users, in the discussion section we want mainly development topics, this is not a help site. For support we ask you to visit our friends, fora with users in many languages who will be happy to help you.


The intention of this page is to collect all known tweaks for the player. We also are planning to create alternative firmware's to support more applications for our mediaplayer. At the moment there is contact with to opensource their software, within a few weeks we will know more about this. Until then we will use this page to collect as much information as possible.

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You are all welcome to join the club. If you have time and like to help other people, join and the group. We need translators, linux-guru's, coders, testers, artists, webdesigners (interface). So almost anyone can join and add to the development.

If you like you may translate pages or tricks in your own language, we will add these pages to a international category, and if it becomes large we will find out how to make this site multi-language.

If you know how to rip movies in ultra quality and small filesize, share it with us, write a tutorial. if you rip mp3 songs in a way everyone should know, tell us, write a….

You are very welcome to help me create and perfection this knowledge base.


this site is a compilation of threads taken from several sites from several users. All the tweaks and tips are from a thread I started on this forum inspired on this topic on a German site and this blog while gathering all tweaks and tips I got great support from the users out there, thanks. We will try to refer to the original author as much as possible, if you think you are missing, tell us.

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